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Psalm 139:13

Sunday 4 August 2013

the summer of making: how to make pinwheels

Another paper project that's so easy I can't believe I wrote it down - I told you they'd be simple!

You’ll need your trusty pair of paper scissors and an old book you don’t mind cutting up (maybe that book from your uni reading list that you totally didn't read, your fifth copy of Pride and Prejudice or, you know, a book about women in Soviet Russia*).  Get yourself some drawing pins and some wooden barbecue skewers or chopsticks too. 

 1.      Tear pages from your chosen book and cut them into large squares.
2.      Take a square and fold it in half diagonally, corner to opposite corner.
3.      Fold this triangle in half again, corner to corner.
4.      Unfold your square and snip just a little over halfway along the diagonal creases.
5.      Take alternate points and draw them in towards the centre.
6.      Fasten these centre points to a skewer or chopstick with a drawing pin.
7.      Your first pinwheel is done!  Repeat as desired.

For a little pop of colour use vibrant pins. 

The fun part comes next - what are you gonna do with them? I reckon teeny tiny pinwheels would make really cute cupcake toppers or greeting card decorations. We popped ours in a vase (highly original). What would you do with them? I'll race you to Pinterest  . . .

*We're also using this book to punch out heart confetti for the wedding. Sometimes we end up with ones that say 'chauvinism' or 'mistreated' and have to bin them. It's just not romantic.

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