For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb
Psalm 139:13

Thursday 5 April 2012

how to be lovely

Gorgeous vintage china - so tempting!

This week has been delightfully vintage-filled.  Bath is having a fashion week and as such I managed to catch a screening of Funny Face.  If you've not seen it, find a way.  Audrey, in Paris, with Fred Astaire.  And it's a musical.  So magical to see on the big screen! 

On Sunday there was a vintage fair in town.  We got togged up and spent far too long swooning over all the old time loveliness.  Hats were bought, wallets were significantly lightened.  I regret nothing.  

Yes, that is a wicker case filled with tea cosies.  The poodle is my favourite.  A knitting challenge, perhaps? 

Don't spread it about, but I even attempted doing something with my hair.  Dangerous, I know.  On a more frabjous future day I may attempt victory rolls with this fab tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.  Callooh callay.*       

In the end I came away with a teal fedora and this exquisite lace collar.  Not sure whether I'm more excited about wearing it or drawing it!  Certainly a day off well spent.  Now back to the books. 

Have you been vintage hunting/thrifting/charity shop shopping lately? 
 What's been your most fabulous find?

*  I had to Google frabjous and callooh callay to check the spelling.  Oh, blogging.  


  1. Oh my - such vintage goodies.


    Nina x

  2. I enjoyed your little disclaimer on the end there. I search for the spelling of strange words too. Heaven forbid I should come across as an illeterate fool!

    Such A Beautiful Sight


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