For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb
Psalm 139:13

Saturday 7 June 2014

taking stock

Do you read Meet Me At Mike's? I love Pip's thoughtful, sunshiny outlook, and her writing always makes me smile. Her Taking Stock posts are a fun read so I thought I'd have a go. I found this a lot more difficult to tackle than I anticipated. I guess sometimes you do need to catch up with yourself a bit. 

Making : Baby project? Orange jumper? Pink blanket? Take your pick. 
Cooking : All of the spinach ever. I'm pretty much Popeye these days. 
Drinking : Peppermint tea. Can't get enough. 
Reading: Chanel biography (bedtime book) and Room with a View (handbag book) 
Wanting: To end end end the baby project! I just want something to be finished. 
Looking: forward to a rare whole weekend with Mr P.
Playing: Zombiecide. Think Cluedo, but with zombies. And a rollerskating waitress with a chainsaw.  
Deciding: whether or not I should download the Tumblr app. 
Wishing: I could get through the TFIOS trailer without welling up. 
Enjoying: Cucumber - it's like a drink and snack in one. 
Waiting: for next week's Game of Thrones. 
Liking: leaving the flat without a jacket, even when it's not sensible.
Wondering: where the woodlice in our bathroom are coming from. How do they climb three floors with their tiny legs?
Loving: a little bit of sunshine. 
Pondering: the great mystery that is quinoa - going to take the plunge next week. 
Considering: dusting off the ukulele.  
Watching: Star Trek Voyager. Because Netflix. And Captain Janeway is queen. 
Hoping: I can be a better Becca tomorrow.
Marvelling: at how a phone call or text can transform your day.
Needing: reminding of my freedom. 
Smelling: Lavender - we're trying to get rid of our unwanted moth lodgers (won't somebody think of the yarn?) 
Wearing: my new glittery jellies in and feeling about six years old.
Following: @bert_abroad on Instagram
Noticing: my dearest ones winning at life, but much too far away.
Knowing: we're definitely living here another year. 
Thinking: of lost things, and brave things left behind.
Feeling: too far away from the ocean.
Admiring: anyone with the resolve to set a goal and work for it, to live like they mean it. 
Sorting: holey superhero socks. 
Buying: bananas and peanut butter like they're going out of fashion. 
Getting: all emotional at Wes Anderson films. Just lovely. We're sooo late to the party. 
Bookmarking: quinoa recipes. 
Disliking: zero hour contracts. Don't get me started. 
Opening: unexpected mail from mother. 
Giggling: at Mr P's surprise dances. And eels.
Feeling: sleepy.
Snacking: all too frequently.
Coveting: Saltwater sandals. They'd be an investment, right?
Wishing: my dearest friends were closer. 
Helping: job hunt.  
Hearing: Billie Holiday (for chilling) and Justin Timberlake (for cleaning the flat)

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