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Psalm 139:13

Saturday 14 June 2014

off the hook: sleepy crochet Totoro

It's happened. I made my first ever amigurumi thingy and I'm in love!
It was Mr P's birthday recently and he's got a soft spot for dear old Totoro (don't we all?), so I thought I'd see if I could hook one up in time.  I found an unspeakably adorable free pattern at Amigurumei (soooo cute) and instantly knew he was the one. I dug out the yarns I needed, grabbed my hook and took a deep breath. 

This was my first foray into the world of amigurumi, and I had been warned how addictive it was. So yes, I've fallen under the spell. But what I liked most about this way of crocheting was just how easy it was. Really, just double crochet stitches (UK). For days. Well, not actual days. You know what I mean. And barely any sewing up afterwards. I found that as long as I was vigilant with my stitch counting and became BFFs with my stitch marker, I muddled along just fine. This speedy little guy came together in about a week, but had I really been motoring along, I reckon you could do it in a couple of evenings. This might even be the first time I've finished a make on time for Mr P. Wow. 

He may be pudgy and wonky, but I love him wholeheartedly. (That's Totoro, not Mr P, who is neither pudgy nor wonky. Mostly). Do you have any tips for an amigurumi newbie? I'm thinking maybe a smaller hook size could have worked, too?

Just snoozin under a leaf. Like you do. 


  1. He turned out so, so cute! How big is he? I made a large Totoro but this guy looks so little and adorable. I love his leaf hat! Great job with your first amigarumi project, it looks great!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! We're both pretty chuffed with him :) I think I've caught the amigurumi bug - already planning the next one!

  2. so adorable! I don't know how to crochet, but amigurumi looks so addictive. and your totoro is super cute!

  3. oh this totoro is ADORABLE and I want to make him now for myself :p I love amigurmi, the whole reason I learned to crochet really, it is a great bug to have! Oh dear now I've seen this I desperately want to make it ...alongside the 20 other things I have on the go :p jenny xx

  4. Thanks Jenny, I know what you mean! I just can't resist starting new things!! :) x


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