For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb
Psalm 139:13

Thursday 17 May 2012

Dissertation Survival #3: taking tea

"Tea passed pleasantly, and nobody seemed in a hurry to move."
Jane Austen

I can't seem to achieve anything significant without a dosage of tea.  As my house mates would attest, some of my best work this term was done in an Earl Grey-fuelled haze.  All of a sudden my flask became a handbag essential and an invaluable library companion.   

When you reach that point when sleeping isn't an option anymore, you just need to power through and get some words down, that's teatime.  Sometimes you have to crawl out of the dissertation den and get a brew on.  

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to go and hide from my deadlines in the beautiful surroundings of Bea's Vintage Tearooms.  (Bathonians  - they've popped up next to the Assembly Rooms).  Charming red-lipsticked staff, and lovely tea and cake served on pristine vintage china.  And they didn't mind me doing a bit of knitting.  Go, feast, try the orange cake.     

The tea ensemble, complete with sugar tongs/nippers/nips.
Just don't make the mistake I did by googling sugar nips.  Yikes.
If you can find a dapper chap to pour for you, that's 10 tea points!

 There's something undeniably soothing about the ceremony of taking tea, the quiet symphony of spoon against cup and the brushing of crumbs.  

It was so good to take a break.  Now back to the books/ sewing! 

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  1. How beautiful! And that vintage tea ensemble looks devine. :) How nice that you could have such a relaxing afternoon in the midst of your work!


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