For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb
Psalm 139:13

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Icon of Knit: Ron Weasley

I missed the Harry Potter boat in a big way.  At the risk of being socially outcast/unleashing worldwide indignation I'll admit that I've only read the first book, and seen the first film.  I enjoyed them both but wasn't hooked (sorry J.K.).  Content with Austen and McAll Smith, I carried on steadily ignoring the whole franchise.  By the sixth film it was definately too late for me to catch up. 

But. The recent Potter mania has made it inescapable.  I've started taking some of it in.  Have discovered that a certain Mr Weasley often dons not only a fantasic array of gormless expressions, but monogram pullovers, tasty fairisles and cables that boggle the mind.  Not to mention Molly Weasley's enchanted knitting needles and those sleeves that beggar belief. 

Therefore, in homage to the knit-tastic Weasleys, I intend to create a delicious higgledy piggledy blanket with odds and ends from my yarn hamper.  So far knitting little 20 stitch squares has proved successful.  They are  perfect little handbag sized projects, and a satisfying break from those irksome long-term knits that you can never quite finish (snood that never was, I mean you). 

Knitting: 7% complete
Where: Train station, the kitchen at work. 
Comments/stares: 0

Any other examples of great kniterature? And, how would I go about catching up on HP?  Books first, I guess? 


  1. Books first, definitely! That way you'll get the films. There's so much left out that I doubt I'd understand what was going on without having read it first. (like these people

  2. love your knitting. :)


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