For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb
Psalm 139:13

Friday 23 April 2010

brogue envy and the bobbles that weren't

It's been a while, so there's a bit of news. Easter was lovely; saw the fam, caught up with friends, hosted a clothes swap, which was v. beneficial! I probably won't have to buy clothes ever again! The best news, however, is that I've finally got myself a job! At last, I can actually start saving and buying more food. More on that once I've started, but I am very excited!

Despite all the new threads, however, a darkness looms. A darkness that can be known only as BROGUE ENVY. I wish simply for a pair of brown brogues, whose laces I can exchange for ribbon. I gawp at the feet of passers by who own these leather confections. Surely it's only right that I too own a pair, if only to ease the minds of the aforementioned brown brogue wearers? Alas, my meagre student budget (i.e. £0.00) cannot stretch to such delights. There are some fabulous bargain black ones in H&M with patent toes, but only brown will do for me. Sigh. I shall save the pennies and keep my eyes peeled.

Knitting news - several items today

1. The 'snood' project has been abandoned. I have to admit, it is a bit of a mohair disaster, and looks nothing like a snood. Also, I really needed my size 10 needles for something else because . . .

2. We have started our knitting project in textiles - hooray! I've literally never been so happy. I've learnt moss stitch, checks, simple colour add ins, lace knitting, and more importantly, how to make bobbles! Mine were a bit wobbly and not at all round looking, but they bring me joy nonetheless.

3. The fliers for the knitting circle are complete, just need to get on it and send some emails out. Post me a comment if you're interested.

4. Had an ace time at the 'Not so fast . . .' exhibition yesterday, (see and found Alison Harper's work really interesting. Using deconstrucing and re-working methods, she works with recycled materials to produce unique pieces. The exhibition included her crisp packet knitting.

5. Check out The Mighty Boosh - Nanageddon for ultimate knitting lols!

Recent knitting locations include Wild cafe, the 418 bus and the middle of my floor. Lovely brogue illustration found at

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